Jobs That Are Hiring At 15 – Minimum Wage Is Over-rated

Why did she feel bad? Because the resume he handed her had been neatly typed. on a typewriter. She knew that although the grammar and spelling were perfect, and the job experience and references impeccable, that the typewriter format screamed “Old-fashioned! Out of date!” and that after one glance, the 28-year-old hiring manager would toss it straight into the wastebasket.

You are possible the individual that has been working most of your adult life for that one company. You know the one I am talking about, the one that guaranteed that if you worked for them you would have employment for the rest of your working life, which would also include a very good retirement package. And How. Do you know that you are working for an excellent Company?? It is because that they told you so. If that is still the case, then that is just great. And you are possible the person that “ain’t seen the Football since the KickOff,” and still believe that Bret Fayre still works for the Green bay packers.

How many times have you seen the signs that read “jobs hiring Now” only to find that the pay would not pay for the cost of gas to get you to and from the job?. You will also have to acknowledge that not all of the jobs are right down the street. Some are in other cities, across river in another state, some are across to the other end of the country and some are even out of countries.

If ever there was a referendum on the validity of an idea, this past election is it! 67% of Americans are philosophically aligned with the Democratic Party’s viewpoint of the role of Government in overseeing our economy. They favor the Democratic approach and Republicans, still delusional about their influence over the affairs of state, are mad as hell that the days of big business getting everything they want whenever they want it, may be over for a few years!

Hiring purely on skill and on a CV is very short sighted. It completely misses out the “people” element. Who someone is matters. This is why psychometric testing helps make better hiring decisions.

Or you check out your school as they may also offer a job for you. These may include helping out the janitor with chores, being a lifeguard at the grade school pool or even arranging books in the library.

An email address, thats it. These service are completely free and don’t require a bank account or a credit card. To receive your payment you can have a parent, or anyone with a bank account cash the check for you.

We stress this over and over. You can put anything into a skill summary, but it doesn’t indicate the quality of the skill and that is important. The hiring manager is aware of that, and have often told us that they consider it hype. Yes, you can have a skill summary, but don’t rely on it. All of the hiring managers that we talk to ignore them.