Jobs Hiring Teens – Overnight Cash For The Average Teen

Jenny observed a pattern: when she had a free moment, she called another parent to coordinate a school event. After the kids went to bed, she spent an hour working on a project for her job. On Saturday morning, she got up early to adjust her daughter’s bike and get groceries. While the kids were busy playing, she caught up on email. When she was on hold for a phone call, she made her shopping list.

Assuming you know not to use a typewriter to create your resume, what else can you do to make sure your resume doesn’t immediately put you in the “old” or “old-fashioned” category? Here are some suggestions.

You can earn thousands per month, and you don’t need a high school diploma or a college degree to do it. It’s called Ezine Publishing, and it’s a fairly simple way to make money online, but it requires quite a bit of work to be successful. You write articles and submit them to EzineArticles, and in your articles you include an advertisement. When someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you get a solid commission. It’s a very effective high paying way for someone to get a job without a high school education.

If you are very good in writing, then there are jobs hiring at 15 year old professional writers. These are for magazines and websites. Once you have this job, then it is your responsibility to practice writing. Invest in this skill because you earn from it. If you are even lucky, you can write whatever you feel like writing, as opposed to getting assigned of that you should write.

Personal information: At one time, it was common for people to include things on their resume like their marital status, how many children they had, and where or even when they were born. That’s no longer the case, so be sure to remove this type of thing from your resume. It dates you.

Can you imagine that? By just going online and filling out some forms and giving your honest opinion you will receive your check at the end of the month. While other teenagers are seating out there doing the nasty jobs you can earn money online at home.

You’re probably asking your self “How does this work? It sounds a little sketchy.” or “This doesn’t sound like a real job, is this legal?” These are the most common concerns, and yes, that’s what I said as well. This is a “real job” as I have been paid multiple times. Although there are some paid survey services that are scams, that won’t pay on time, or don’t pay at all, there are a bunch that are legit. Never use a survey service that has been on the internet for less than 6 months, as it has no reputation, and most likely will shut down. There are a few survey services that don’t hire teens also, but they are rare, just make sure you check the minimum age before you sign up. This is the #1 job hiring teens as rated by Wired Magazine in 2007.

Meet Mr. Right: No, not THAT Mr. Right. What I mean, is a handy helper at your local home improvement store. Ask for their advice on how to tackle projects, and have them help you pick the right parts and tools. When doing a project yourself, they are the closest thing to having a professional assist you, and can be a real asset. And while you’re there, you can always flirt with the hottie in aisle three.